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Is it Donerville or Donnerville Road? (Hint: it's both). What's the history behind Case New Holland? [We the People]

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"Why is Donnerville Road spelled Donerville in Hempfield Township?"

Watchdog Donnerville v. Donerville.jpg

Google Maps images show street signs with different spellings for the same road in West Hempfield and Manor townships.

The Donnerville v. Donerville spelling has been a confusing point for county residents for many years.

The origin of confusion? A few road sign typos in West Hempfield, including a prominent Route 30 overpass.

On Google Maps, it's listed as Donerville Road. A quick Google search of both spellings will result in an equal amount of listings of housing options and businesses. 

The correct spelling is Donerville, as confirmed by the Manor Township Manager Ryan Strohecker in a 2018 interview with LNP | LancasterOnline staff writer Chad Umble.

The "Donnerville" spelling is a typo, confirmed Strohecker. 

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The Scribbler also tackled the "Donerville" v. "Donnerville" issue, and spoke with the late Lancaster historian John W.W. Loose. 

Loose, too, confirmed that the correct spelling was with one "n", noting that it's pronounced similarly to "doughnut."

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation replaced the sign over Route 30 in February this year, though West Hempfield Township won't follow suit.

“It is not simply a sign change,” said West Hempfield Manager Andrew Stern in an interview with Umble.

Because of the spelling confusion, there have been several documents and deeds in the township with the "Donnerville" spelling instead of "Donerville."

Lancaster Watchdog: Traffic pattern sign added quickly in West Lampeter; 'Donnerville' to stay in West Hempfield

West Hempfield Township vowed to keep the Donnerville spelling, while Manor Township's portion of the road will remain "Donerville."

Question submitted by Valerie K.

"Case New Holland has been around a long time. I am curious as to how long the company has been in Lancaster County? I know Fiat bought the company a couple of years ago, but I am not sure of much of the other history."

new holland scenes21.jpg

Case New Holland entrance off Route 23 in New Holland.

New Holland Machine Works was founded in 1895, according to past reporting from LNP | LancasterOnline. It was a private business owned by Abram Zimmerman.

The company took out an ad in the Nov. 27, 1897 edition of the Lancaster New Era for a device called the "Little Wonder."

In 1903, the company became incorporated and was renamed the New Holland Machine Company. The four directors, Zimmerman, David Wenger, Eli Martin and H.K. Landis, received a capital stock worth $50,000 divided into 500 shares.

Its new location was 146 E. Franklin Street in New Holland.

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Four men bought the struggling company in 1940, and even enlisted help from the inventor of the first automatic hay baler, Edwin Nolt. Past reporting says that the baler was the very thing to propel the company into a "worldwide manufacturing success."

It was then acquired by Sperry Corp. in 1947.

In 1986, Ford Motor Company bought the company, and the business was renamed Ford New Holland.

The company was acquired by Italy's Fiat Group in 1991, and then the company acquired Wisconsin-based Case Corporation in 1999 to become CNH Global, which is how it's known today.

Its United States headquarters is located in New Holland, Pennsylvania. It has several manufacturing brands, such as Case IH, New Holland Construction, Iveco, Magirus and more.

Exhibit puts New Holland Machine Company's history on display

Question submitted by Nick H.

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