Investigators will search the Welsh Mountain area Saturday for Linda Stoltzfoos, the 18-year-old Amish woman who has been missing since June 21.

Where searchers will look isn't being disclosed and volunteers are not needed, according to Brett Hambright, spokesman for the Lancaster County District Attorney's office.

"We do not wish to disclose exact location because uninvited visitors to the area would not be beneficial to the effort. We can say the search will be in the southern part of the mountain region. This area has been identified as an area of interest based on information obtained in the ongoing investigation," he said Thursday.

The district attorney's office isn't saying if investigators believe Stoltzfoos is dead, but at a news conference last month, District Attorney Heather Adams said the fact that her bra and stockings were found buried near where the car of a man charged with her kidnapping her was seen “lends only to the conclusion that she suffered harm."

Justo Smoker, 34, of Paradise Township, is also charged with false imprisonment. He was arrested 19 days after her disappearance and has been held at Lancaster County Prison without bail since then.

Prosecutors said they believe he abducted Stoltzfoos as she walked from an on-farm church service to her home near Bird-in-Hand in East Lampeter Township. She was seen on Beechdale Road, less than a half-mile from home on that same road, about six miles east of downtown Lancaster.

Police arrested Smoker in part based on a homeowner’s video surveillance that showed Smoker’s car near a person believed to be Stoltzfoos.

Middle Creek Search and Rescue will be conducting the search, with law enforcement establishing the area, he said. Several hundred searchers and several K-9s are expected to take part. 

"We wish to express our appreciation and gratitude to Middle Creek Search and Rescue, which has provided so much in the ongoing efforts to bring Linda home. We credit Middle Creek for their professionalism and devotion to this very important cause," Hambright said.

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