Alex Einhorn

Alex Einhorn is the Barnstormers on-field emcee for entertaining between innings contests. 

Alex Einhorn has done everything for the Lancaster Barnstormers except play in a game.

He started with the team in January of 2013 as an intern and has been with it ever since.

During that time he has ripped tickets at the front gate, visited schools to promote the Stormers, done production work, written scripts for the public address announcer, served as the video board director, coordinated the game-day camera crew, sold advertising, organized auditions for national anthem singers, acquired sponsorships and worked with charities.

But the job he’s best known for is on-field master of ceremonies, the between-innings host who entertains fans with contests and jocularity.

“I get to shoot T-shirts and pie people in the face,” he says.

Hometown: Middletown.

Age: 25.

Education: Originally an English major (he wanted to be a baseball beat writer) at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, where he played baseball for a season. He transferred to West Chester University and then finished with a bachelor’s degree in business from Penn State-Harrisburg.

Favorite sport: Baseball, without a doubt. And I’m a big football fan, and I’m also a big fan of the NBA. I’m a big Sixers fan. But nothing has ever compared to baseball.

You’re from Middletown, but you’re a Red Sox fan: We would go to Milford, Massachusetts, every summer for three months at a time. My mom grew up there. ... I went to a lot of Pawtucket Red Sox games. That’s when I really started to want to work in minor league baseball.

People would be surprised to know that: I’m a competitive strongman. If you ever watch at 2 a.m. on ESPN where they pull the trucks, that’s the sport I’m involved in, at the amateur level. In 2016 I won a state championship in Delaware. I’m (in the) lightweight (division), 175 pounds or lower. Got to go to nationals in Iowa in October; finished in the middle of the pack.

Personal life: I got engaged in January (to Kendal Phillips). We’re getting married Sept. 15 of 2018.

Favorite sports memory: In 2013 I was at the Red Sox ALCS Game 6 (in Fenway Park) when they beat the Tigers (and advanced to the World Series). (I got to see Shane) Victorinio’s grand slam. Because I was there, that’s my favorite sports memory.

But I also will say, from a Barnstormers perspective, when we won the championship in 2014, that almost tops the Red Sox. I’m not on the field here playing, and I’m not taking anything from the players, but you still have that feeling of involvement.

What you like best about Lancaster: The restaurants, bars, the night life. Also, all the young professionals in the area. I just think it’s a hidden gem of a city. I think it’s got everything. I think there’s a lot going on here that people don’t realize.

On your iPod: At least once a day, I listen to the Beatles. “A Day in the Life” is my favorite Beatles song. Two years ago, other than The Beatles, I listened to classic rock. Now I’m a big country guy. Kendal got me into it a couple of years ago going to concerts when they (Barnstormers) were on the road.

If you were a player your walk-up music would be: Dropkick Murphys’ “I’m Shipping up to Boston.”

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