We asked readers to share their thoughts on the zipper merge. Here’s some of what they had to say:

• “Yes I know how to zipper merge, and I will continue to do so. No I do not think most drivers know how to! Thank you to those who do know how to zipper merge, and continue to use the method correctly.” — Patti Reese

• “I agree that the zipper merge works wonderfully. I have been doing it on 222 North, and other drivers have been very courteous, and I never have the impression that they are annoyed!” — Donna Titus

• “I have learned to not zoom up the lane. Just go slowly. It gives out a message that you’re trying to be polite. Of course, not every driver will see it that way. But the other alternative (Blocking) is illegal, so you don’t want to do that. This is the least likely way to create a road rage incident, if you want to practice zipper merge. And if a vehicle doesn’t want to let you in, let it go, usually the second or third vehicle will allow you in. This is how I learned to deal with it with a phone number on the back of my vehicle.” — Kenneth Martin

• “Zipper method all the way. There is nothing more infuriating than when someone thinks they get to decide when it’s time to merge by sitting in the middle of the 2 lanes to block anyone from passing before the merge. Everyone should use both lanes and kindly merge 1 by 1 when it’s time to move in to one lane. People who don’t follow this rule are the main reason there are accidents on 222 all the time! It should be a law!” — Angela Ryan

• “I zipper merged on 30 yesterday and got honked at, thrown the finger, and even had someone move halfway into the open travel lane (literally a half mile, standstill line in the passing lane) just to block people from zipper merging. It was RIDICULOUS.” — Breanna Dunlap

• “I have been using the Zipper Merge method ever since I have heard it being promoted by PennDOT some years ago. I think that it works very well, and I continue to use it regularly. However, I do not like the looks I am given by some drivers who have not learned the Zipper Merge method or who refuse to use it.” — Paul Garber

• “Yes! Please teach people to use the zipper method & not hate those of us who do! It’s more efficient and (when people cooperate) moves traffic along much more smoothly. It’s so frustrating when big rigs or other drivers block both lanes to slow up those who are trying to pass to move to the front to zipper in. Then those in the front refuse to allow merging, thinking we’re just trying to butt in, which again really slows traffic! Help educate people! And THANK YOU!” — Margaret Williams

• “I too admit to initial ignorance, thinking those rushing onward to barge in far beyond the directional arrow were rude, aggressive drivers. Finally, a road project had sufficient signs explaining the process, including one at the merge point admonishing drivers to take turns, something we all should have learned in kindergarten. (Some drivers alluded to earlier probably ARE rude, aggressive drivers!)” — Jeffrey Allen

• “People in Lancaster don’t know how to yield, expecting them to zipper merge is just asking too much. And don’t even get me started on roundabouts.” — Mary Kiby

Note: Readers submitted their comments via a Facebook post and email.