Break dancing in the city

A silhouetted kid dances during the ‘rebirth outreach jam’ block party on Plum Street in Lancaster city, Saturday, August 17, 2019. The block party was put on by Christ Alone Fellowship and offered a break dancing competition, a bouncy house and a prayer table, among other things.

Thursday will be a hot and humid day in Lancaster County, with temps near 90. 

Today's high will be 87, dropping down to a low of 61 tonight. 

Humidity will be around 95%. 

There's a 40% chance of rain, more likely this afternoon. Some isolated storms could have strong, gusty winds upward of 15 mph. 

The weekend weather will bring cooler temps, however. 

Friday's high will be around 74, with a low of 59. Saturday will be a bit warmer, with a high around 79.