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The Eastern Lancaster County School District administrative offices are housed in Garden Spot High School.

The number of reported COVID-19 cases this week increased in at least seven Lancaster County school districts.

Infection counts rose in Conestoga Valley, Elizabethtown Area, Hempfield, Lancaster, Manheim Township, Octorara Area and Penn Manor school districts. The largest week-to-week increase in cases occurred at Conestoga Valley (eight, 114% increase), Hempfield (eight, 73%) and Manheim Township (eight, 53%).

At least two schools – Garden Spot High School and Garden Spot Middle School, which make up the Garden Spot secondary campus – were closed to in-person instruction this entire week due to a spike in COVID-19 cases. In a letter to families Friday, Eastern Lancaster County School District Superintendent Bob Hollister said he is “hopeful” for a Monday return.

Here are the number of COVID-19 cases reported by Lancaster County school districts this week, as of 4 p.m. Friday. Each district’s total enrollment is in parentheses. (School districts beginning with an asterisk may include cases from the past two weeks, as separate data for this week was unavailable.)

— *Cocalico (2,931): 19 (12 at Cocalico High School, three at Cocalico Middle School, two at Denver Elementary School and one each at Adamstown Elementary School and Reamstown Elementary School).

Last week: 30.

— Columbia Borough (1,262): Eight (five at Columbia High School/Middle School Hill campus), two at Park Elementary School and one at Columbia Middle School Taylor campus).

Last week: 13.

— *Conestoga Valley (4,013): 15 (four each at Conestoga Valley High School and Brownstown Elementary School, three each at Huesken Middle School and Fritz Elementary School, and one at Leola Elementary School).

Last week: Seven.

— *Eastern Lancaster County (2,768): 55 (28 at Garden Spot secondary campus, 18 at New Holland Elementary School, five at Brecknock Elementary School and four Blue Ball Elementary School).

Last week: 81.

— Elizabethtown Area (3,691): 13 (four each at Bear Creek School, Elizabethtown Area High School and Elizabethtown Area Middle School; and one at East High Elementary School).

Last week: Eight.

— *Ephrata Area (4,130): 27 (12 at Ephrata High School, four each at Ephrata Intermediate School and Highland Elementary School, three at Fulton Elementary School, two at Ephrata Middle School and one each at Akron Elementary School and Clay Elementary School).

Last week: 33.

— *Hempfield (6,818): 19 (five at Landisville Intermediate Center; four at Landisville Primary Center; three at Hempfield High School; two each at Centerville Elementary School, Farmdale Elementary School and Centerville Middle School; and one at Mountville Elementary School).

Last week: 11.

— *Lampeter-Strasburg (2,828): 14 (six at Lampeter-Strasburg High School, five at Martin Meylin Middle School, two at Hans Herr Elementary School and one at Lampeter Elementary School).

Last week: 17.

— Lancaster (10,384): 34 (eight at McCaskey Campus; four each at Martin School and Price Elementary School; three each at Lincoln Middle School, Wheatland Middle School and Wickersham Elementary School; two each at Burrowes Elementary School, Reynolds Middle School and Washington Elementary School; and one each at Fulton Elementary School, Hamilton Elementary School and Lafayette Elementary School).

Last week: 29.

— *Manheim Central (2,910): 14 (nine at Manheim Central Middle School, two each at Baron Elementary School and Manheim Central Middle School, and one at Doe Run Elementary School).

Last week: 26.

— Manheim Township (5,865): 23 (11 at Landis Run Intermediate School, four at Manheim Township High School, three at Manheim Township Middle School, two each at Brecht Elementary School and Bucher Elementary School, and one at Schaeffer Elementary School).

Last week: 15.

— Octorara Area (2,118): 19 (11 at Octorara Junior/Senior High School, six at Octorara Elementary School and two at Octorara Primary Learning Center).

Last week: 18.

— Penn Manor (5,378): 15 (seven at Central Manor Elementary School, six at Penn Manor High School, and one each at Conestoga Elementary School and Manor Middle School).

Last week: 10.

— Pequea Valley (1,467): Eight (five at Pequea Valley High School, two at Pequea Valley Intermediate School and one at Paradise Elementary School).

Last week: Eight.

— Solanco (3,182): Two (one each at Providence Elementary School and Smith Middle School).

Last week: Six.

— *Warwick (3,835): 38 (15 at Kissel Hill Elementary School, nine at Warwick High School, six at Lititz Elementary School, four at Warwick Middle School, three at Beck Elementary School and one at Bonfield Elementary School).

Last week: 40.

Data for Donegal School District was unavailable.

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