Editor's note: This article accompanies a larger story about the challenges school districts will face in going to online instruction. You can read the main story here.

A number of Lancaster County schools have announced they’re considering remote instruction amid the schools shutdown over the coronavirus, or COVID-19.

Here’s what area school districts have planned, according to the districts’ websites.

Cocalico: A site for “suggested enrichment activities and curriculum exploration” for all grades and content areas was expected to be available by today. The district is asking families to complete a survey on connectivity online at

Columbia Borough: Optional educational resources can be found on the district website. Teachers and administrators are going through online professional development and regularly reaching out to students online and by phone. 

Conestoga Valley: The district is developing subject- and grade-specific resources optional for students to use in addition to existing resources on its website.

Donegal: Alternate learning opportunities are expected to be available to students starting Monday, with review the first week and new material being introduced April 6. Families should have received a phone survey related to internet accessibility at home. 

Eastern Lancaster County: The district plans to provide “guided instruction on fundamental concepts in all curricular areas” starting Monday.

Elizabethtown Area: The district plans to implement remote learning starting March 30.

Ephrata Area: The district's online program starts Monday. Teachers have gone through training for the past week, and devices have been deployed to all students. The district also has a list of optional educational resources on its website.

Hempfield: The district plans to provide an update on a continuity of education plan at Wednesday’s board meeting. Meanwhile, optional learning resources can be found on the district’s website. A phone survey regarding connectivity went out to families Tuesday.

Lampeter-Strasburg: The district plans to offer optional at-home learning plans for all grade levels and subjects. An update is expected later this week.

Lancaster: The district plans to release details on its continuity of education plan on Friday. Meanwhile, it’s offering optional at-home learning opportunities on its website.

Manheim Central: The district plans to incorporate online learning starting April 1 as an option to all students.

Manheim Township: The district’s goal is to provide online instruction for students starting April 6.

Octorara Area: The district plans to release details on it online learning plan, “Bravesengage!”, on Friday. Meanwhile, optional at-home learning resources can be found on the district’s website.

Penn Manor: The district plans to implement optional at-home leaning plans for all grade levels and subjects starting Monday.

Pequea Valley: Optional remote learning experiences will be available starting Monday. Meanwhile, enrichment activities can be found on the district’s website.

Solanco: Teachers have been working on alternate plans for instruction, and the district plans to implement plans “soon.”

Warwick: The district is working to find ways to provide continuity of education to all students. Phone surveys are being administered to assess technology needs. Optional at-home learning resources can also be found on the district’s website.