Rohrerstown Road traffic

South bound traffic on Rohrerstown Road, right, is back up from the intersection at Marietta Avenue in Rohrerstown shortly after 4:00 Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019.

Evening rush hour can be a mess in Lancaster County, and most of the worst spots are in the suburbs.

A list of the 10 biggest evening bottlenecks shows that all but one are in the suburbs east, west and north of the city.

The list is included in a recent study by the Lancaster County Planning Commission, which is looking for ways to ease congestion.

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The worst spot for evening rush hour is in southern Manheim Township. It’s the 0.6-mile segment of Oregon Pike bordering the Lancaster Shopping Center, south of Route 30.

No. 2 is the 0.6-mile segment of Rohrerstown Road between Marietta Pike and Route 30 in East Hempfield Township.

Others on the list are in East Lampeter Township and on the west side of Lancaster city, at its border with Lancaster Township.

The map and list below shows the full top 10, which were cited for lengthy and unpredictable delays during the evening commute.

CongestedRoadsD22 (copy)

1. Oregon Pike (Route 272)

- Segment: Just south of Rt. 30, bordering Lancaster Shopping Center in Manheim Township

- Length: 0.6 miles

2. Rohrerstown Road (Rt. 741)

- Segment: Between Rt. 30 and Marietta Pike (Rt. 23) in East Hempfield Township

- Length: 0.6 miles

3. Old Philadelphia Pike (Rt. 340)

- Segment: Between Bridgeport and Rt. 30 in East Lampeter Township

- Length: 1.3 miles

4. Lincoln Highway East (Rt. 30)

- Segment: Between Rt. 30 bypass and Eastbrook Road (Rt. 896( in East Lampeter Township

- Length: 2.4 miles

5. Rt. 30 bypass

- Segment: Between Lincoln Highway East and Rt. 222 in East Lampeter and Manheim townships

- Length: 4.0 miles

6. Tie - Rohrerstown Road (Route 741)

- Segment: Between Columbia Avenue (Rt. 462) and Marietta Ave. (Rt. 23) in East Hempfield Township

- Length: 1.0 mile

6. Tie - Centerville Road

- Segment: Between Columbia Avenue (Rt. 462) and Hempland Road in East Hempfield Township

- Length: 0.7 miles

8. Marietta Pike (Rt. 23)

- Segment: Between West Orange St. and North President Ave. in Lancaster City and Lancaster Township

- Length: 0.7 miles

9. Fruitville Pike

- Segment: Between Keller Avenue and Granite Run Drive in Manheim Township

- Length: 1.7 miles

10. Manheim Pike (Rt. 72)

- Segment: Between Stiegel and Colebrook streets in Manheim Borough

- Length: 0.7 miles

SOURCE: Lancaster County Planning Commission.

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