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This illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reveals the structure of the novel coronavirus. The illness caused by this virus is COVID-19.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to reflect five more COVID-19 deaths that occurred on Nov 30 and were reported on Tuesday.

Lancaster County had 61 COVID-19 deaths in November, and they were scattered across 26 of the county’s 60 municipalities, according to an LNP | LancasterOnline analysis of county data.

Denver Borough recorded the most COVID-19 deaths during the month, with 13, followed by East Lampeter Township and West Donegal Township, each with four.

Five communities had three deaths each, six had two deaths each and a dozen had one death each.

Six local communities saw their first coronavirus deaths in November: Earl Township and East Drumore Township, and Akron, Millersville, Manheim and East Petersburg boroughs.

The new deaths raised the county’s total loss of life to 509 people from March through November, according to the county’s coroner, Dr. Stephen Diamantoni. The deaths have occurred in 46 municipalities. Only 14 local municipalities have had no coronavirus deaths.

The 61 deaths in November were the highest monthly total since May, when there were 113 lives lost here to COVID-19. The month with the fewest deaths was September, with 13. The deadliest month was April, with 183.

Here are the communities that lost at least one life to COVID-19 in November, along with their total number of coronavirus deaths since the pandemic arrived here in March:

Denver Borough13 (total: 14)

East Lampeter Twp. – 4 (total: 5)

West Donegal Twp.4 (total: 11)

Ephrata Borough3 (total: 23)

Lancaster City - 3 (total 30)

Lititz Borough3 (total: 33)

Salisbury Twp.3 (total: 7)

West Lampeter Twp.3 (total: 19)

Akron Borough2 (total: 2)

Clay Twp.2 (total: 3)

East Cocalico Twp.2 (total: 7)

Ephrata Twp. - 2 (total: 9)

Manheim Twp.2 (total: 63)

West Earl Twp.2 (total: 15)

Earl Twp.1 (total: 1)

East Drumore Twp.1 (total: 1)

East Earl Twp.1 (total: 5)

East Hempfield Twp.1 (total: 32)

East Petersburg Borough1 (total: 1)

Lancaster Twp. – 1 (total: 135)

Manheim Borough1 (total: 1)

Millersville Borough1 (total: 1)

Paradise Twp.1 (total: 5)

Penn Twp.1 (total: 6)

Rapho Twp.1 (total 15)

Warwick Twp.1 (total: 6)

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