Andrew T Scheid

Andrew T. Scheid Funeral Home 320 Blue Rock Road, in Manor Township Friday, Jan. 10, 2020.

In a 51-page document filed Dec. 19 before the State Board of Funeral Directors, a Department of State prosecutor outlined 10 instances in which the Andrew T. Scheid Funeral Home was involved regarding a family member’s remains. Among the allegations in the disciplinary complaint:

- January 2015: Scheid signed a $10,000 funeral purchase contract in the name of a woman whose mother died. Lancaster police Lt. Kurtis Miller interviewed Scheid about the allegation. Scheid admitted he “subscribed” the woman’s name on the contract for her mother’s funeral services, according to the Department of State document.

- April 2017: Scheid was paid $1,093 to transport cremated remains to Waldfriedhof in Munich, Germany. However, the disciplinary document states, he did transport the remains, did not provide an urn and did not bury the remains in the cemetery. The deceased was finally buried in Waldfriedhof in November 2019 through the efforts of a family member.

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- 2018: After a woman died, her son requested that Scheid mail her cremated remains to a cemetery in Delaware. After two months, Scheid still had not mailed the remains, because the staff at the funeral home was “busy.”

- January 2019: Either Scheid or someone acting on his behalf “subscribed” a man’s signature without his consent on a funeral home statement for services for his deceased sister, the complaint said.

- July 2019: A body was left unembalmed and unrefrigerated in a room with no air conditioning for three days. The man’s body had “significantly decomposed” from being left in such conditions, the disciplinary action states.