Gov. Tom Wolf during briefing 051120

Gov. Tom Wolf issues a statement calling counties that have self-declared their reopening -- not abiding by the governor's plan -- a "cowardly act" on Monday, May 11, 2020. 

Along with the announcements regarding the numerous Pa. counties moving forward in the reopening process, Gov. Wolf has also released guidelines for Summer camps and recreation today.

The guidance is framed around frequently asked questions regarding, "summer camp operators, public bathing places, part-day school-age programs, and other entities that provide necessary child care and enrichment and recreational activities for children and youth during the summer months."

These guideline will not pertain to, "public school-operated summer programs or extended school year services." Guidance on the reopening of public schools will be released by the Pennsylvania Department of Education at a later date.

For the full FAQs sheet provided by Gov. Wolf and the Pa. Department of Heath, check below.

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