full moon (copy)

Tonight, after a little bit of rain, Lancaster County will be able to see October's full moon, which is also known as the hunter's moon.

The moon will be at its fullest and brightest at 5:08 p.m. for our area, though it will still be plenty bright throughout the rest of the night.

The hunter's moon and the harvest moon are known to signify the start of fall.

According to old folklore, the hunter's moon marked the start of hunting to prepare for the winter season.

The Old Farmer's Almanac says that "hunters could easily see the fattened deer and other animals" in the light from the full hunter's moon.

Some of the hunter's moon's other names include the "travel moon" and the "dying grass moon," according to the almanac.

Remaining astronomical events of 2019

Orionids meteor shower, Oct. 22

Taurids (small) meteor shower, Nov. 5 to 6

Full beaver moon, Nov. 12

Leonids meteor shower, Nov. 17

Full cold moon, Dec. 12

Geminids meteor shower, Dec. 14

Ursids (small) meteor shower, Dec. 21 to 22