Kylene Martin and Family

Kylene Martin, left, watches over her daughters Kinley Martin, 3, center, and Austin Martin, 6, right, play, as she works from her home in New Holland Friday March 27, 2020.

Parents have suddenly turned into quasi-teachers during the coronavirus pandemic. Many school officials are attempting to ease the burden on these parents by sharing tips on how to best navigate these uncharted waters.

Here’s some advice school officials from Columbia Borough, Manheim Central and Warwick shared with LNP | LancasterOnline.

Create a feasible schedule. Schools advise setting aside up to three hours a day, depending on the student’s age, to complete their assignments.

Demonstrate flexibility. This is new for everyone, so give your child – and their teachers – some grace. Be patient, take breaks regularly, and ensure he or she is putting forth their best effort.

Establish a routine. Create a sense of normalcy by establishing a daily routine and a designated workspace with limited distractions.

Communicate. Contact teachers or administrators if you or your child is struggling. Teachers, counselors and principals often have office hours set aside to answer questions.

Celebrate small successes. Giving feedback and praising your child when he or she accomplishes a task can go a long way.

Protect relationships. Don’t let the challenges of online learning create a wedge between you and your child. You’re in this together. Make sure they know that.

Take time for family. When they’re done with school for the day, do your best to create family memories they will cherish, whether it’s playing a game, watching a movie or cooking a meal together. That – not a book report – is what they’ll remember most from this time.

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