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Quarryville Family Restaurant was among 6 Lancaster County restaurants sued Jan. 5 by the state Department of Health for violating Gov. Tom Wolf's ban on indoor dining which ended Jan. 4. 

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Lancaster County residents were in Washington on Wednesday: ‘What’s going to happen today is going to be historic’

In the hours and days after the insurrectionist mob attacked the U.S. Capitol, LNP | LancasterOnline sought to talk with county residents who went to Washington, D.C., on Wednesday for “Stop the Steal” events. Almost every person contacted declined to speak or never returned messages. This story is based on a review of public posts to social media by Lancaster County citizens. We are describing what they posted, which included many videos and photos. Some of the content relied on has since been taken down.

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Former LGH nurse honored with 'Mazda Heroes' recognition for work with COVID-19 patients

Debbie Borden thinks her son Josiah is pretty special for the work he has done with COVID-19 patients in Lancaster and Philadelphia.

And now the Mazda Motor Company agrees, awarding him a new car this week as part of its “Mazda Heroes” program meant to honor people who have shown dedication to their communities.

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Fact-check: Smucker's speech to object to Pa.'s election furthers unfounded claims of malfeasance

Early Thursday morning, hours after law enforcement cleared the U.S. Capitol Building of thousands of rioters who had invaded it twelve hours earlier, Congress returned to the business they had been forced to set aside -- certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory by counting the Electoral College results.

After midnight, Pennsylvania’s electoral votes were disputed by eight of the nine GOP House members from the commonwealth, joined by scores of others from around the country. Their objection forced the House to debate the matter for two hours.

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Lancaster County churches respond to DC riot

After a pro-Trump mob swarmed the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday, several faith organizations in Lancaster County responded to the unrest with calls for prayer.

Some posted written messages on their Facebook pages, while others addressed the historic day during livestreamed prayer services.

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Dr. Lori: Thrift stores can hold some valuable treasures [art and antiques column]

I was video chatting with a client who was showing me his finds from a thrift store shopping spree. He asked me a question that many people ask at my events or during my video chat sessions about shopping for antiques at thrift stores, estate sales, yard sales, etc.

He wanted to know: “What should I be looking for?”

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