Ray Corll

Former Lancaster city police Sgt. Ray Corll

A former Lancaster city police officer convicted of perjury and simple assault by a jury in 2017 has appealed his case for the third time.

Ray Corll, 57, petitioned to the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas on May 31, arguing that his defense attorney was ineffective.

He filed the appeal the day after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal in his case. The state Superior Court also denied an appeal in November in which Corll claimed his conviction was unfair and sentence excessive.

The charges against Corll stemmed from the prosecution of a man he arrested and charged with public drunkenness in March 2014. The charges were later dismissed.

Corll was convicted of assault for punching the man and for perjury for lying about it in the man’s trial in 2016. The jury also found him guilty of false swearing and official oppression.

Lancaster County President Judge Dennis Reinaker sentenced Corll to seven to 23½ months in prison plus two years probation. He posted bail after being in prison for about a month.

In the latest appeal, Corll argues through listed counsel Daniel Silverman that his trial attorney Heidi Eakin allowed inadmissible evidence into the case, prejudicing his right to a fair trial.

The appeal cites testimony from police officers, assistant district attorneys and members of the attorney general’s office that “decided the case for the jury by formalizing their official determinations.”

In particular, Silverman writes in the appeal that testimony from Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Ponessa and Special Agent Thomas Cole was designed to “assure the jury that Corll was in fact guilty because their respective offices had already investigated the matter and concluded he was guilty.”