Folk singer Sarah Lee Guthrie visits the anti-pipeline chapel in West Hempfield Township before her concert Sunday at Long's Park.

Folk singer Sarah Lee Guthrie has added her voice to those opposed to a natural gas pipeline running through pastoral Lancaster County.

Before her concert Sunday night at Long’s Park, Guthrie visited a makeshift prayer chapel protesters erected this summer in the pipeline’s path.

And later, during her set before an outdoor crowd of more than 10,000, Guthrie, 38, gave a shout-out to the opposition group, Lancaster Against Pipelines.

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She also improvised anti-pipeline lyrics to “I’ve Got to Know,” a social-justice song written by her grandfather and Dust Bowl troubadour, Woody Guthrie.

On her Facebook page, Guthrie posted a photo of herself at the simple wooden chapel in a West Hempfield Township cornfield.

She is wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with a single word: “Resist.”

Her fist is raised in salute.

In her post, Guthrie writes, “Atlantic Sunrise Project would like to put a pipeline thru these beautiful fields. Lancaster Against Pipelines is going to stop them with our help, and that is why I came here.”

Tim Spiese of the opposition group said, “We’re tickled to death she took the time to make a statement.”

The proposed 197-mile, $3-billion Atlantic Sunrise pipeline, which has been approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, would go through 10 Pennsylvania counties, including 37 miles of Lancaster County.

Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Co. wants to start construction this year.

A religious order, the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, owns the property where the chapel was built and supports the pipeline opponents.

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Pipeline lyrics

In singing “I’ve Got to Know,” Guthrie at Sunday’s concert added these lyrics:

“Why do you build your pipeline ...

Right through my chapel,

Right next to my corn,

Right through our cornfields that give us our good food.

I’ve got to know

Yes, I’ve got to know.”

Jamie Beth Schindler of Lancaster Against Pipelines thanked Guthrie on Facebook, saying the shout-out and song “was so special to us and our kids.”

Christopher Bell, another Facebook commenter, said, "We are currently experiencing the same things throughout the California San Joaquin Valley. Give 'um hell, Sarah."