F&M students

This is a view of Old Main on the Franklin & Marshall College Campus Friday, Aug. 28, 2020.

One Lancaster County college landed in the top 100 of this year’s The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education college rankings released this week.

Franklin & Marshall College ranked 84th overall in the list, which annually ranks the nation’s best colleges and universities based on student outcomes, student and faculty resources, engagement and campus environment. Each school is given an overall rating out of 100 depending on how they score on each of those four categories. The top 600 schools were given an overall ranking.

F&M, a 2,500-student private liberal arts school in Lancaster, earned an overall score of 68.8, largely propelled by its high marks on outcomes (26.5 out of 40, ranked 91st) and resources (21.6 out of 30, ranked 74th). Its lowest rating was for environment, which is mainly based on campus diversity. It received a 5.1 out of 10 and ranked 366th. The college did not receive an engagement score.

As part of the engagement category, students were surveyed based on whether they feel they made the right choice in picking the college, whether they felt inspired by their peers and whether it was worth the cost. Results were on a scale of zero to 10, with 10 representing strongest agreement.

For the “right choice” and “inspiring” questions, the average answer was 7.7. The average answer for “worth the cost” was 7.3.

Elizabethtown College, a private liberal arts school with about 1,800 students, earned a total score of 53 and a ranking of 304th. Here’s how it fared in each category: outcomes, 17.6, 343rd; resources, 17.7, 171st; engagement, 16.1 out of 20, 287th. It did not receive an environment score.

In the engagement questions, it scored a 7.3 for “right choice,” 7.8 for “inspiring” and 6.4 in “worth the cost.”

Millersville University, the largest Lancaster County institution of higher education with about 6,100 students and the county’s lone public university, was not ranked, but it received a rating within the range of 31.1 to 43.4.

Lancaster Bible College, a private, faith-based college with about 1,300 students in Manheim Township, also was not ranked, but it did receive a high enough environment score to be ranked in that category. It scored a 5.7, good enough for 272nd place.

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