Extraordinary Give 2019

Event-goers head to Lancaster Square during the Extraordinary Give event in Lancaster City, Friday, Nov. 22, 2019.

Some extra time for this year’s Extraordinary Give raised the fundraising marathon’s total by nearly $438,000.

A glitch made it hard for people to donate through the Extra Give website for about two hours during Friday evening’s event. So organizers kept the website open for donations until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday.

After ending Friday with $10,550,282 in donations, the total climbed another 4% to $10,980,220 by the time the fundraising concluded. The additional amount includes contributions from 1,248 donors who gave during the extra four days.

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Tracy Cutler, executive vice president for the Lancaster County Community Foundation, which organizes the Extraordinary Give, said extending the time seemed like the fair thing to do for anyone frustrated by Friday evening’s website slowdown.

“The real purpose was to honor the donors,” Cutler said. “This gave those individuals a chance to be part of the experience and support the causes.”

As they wrap up details from Friday’s Extraordinary Give, foundation representatives are still trying to figure out why the 24-hour giving marathon was offline for about two hours.

Beginning around 8 p.m. Friday, some donors had trouble giving through the Extraordinary Give website, with functionality resuming around 10 p.m., Cutler said.

The website slowed and then stalled during a period of extremely high usage when many people were trying to make donations, Cutler said, noting that 5,000 more people donated during this year’s event than last year.

The foundation is working with GiveGab, whose technology powers the Extraordinary Give website, to figure out what happened and make sure it doesn’t happen next year, Cutler said.

Those unable to donate to ExtraGive because of website issues can now do so until Tuesday night