Christian Street Garage facade art

This preliminary concept rendering shows the facade with public art proposed for the Christian Street Garage overlooking Ewell Plaza.

Mayor Danene Sorace made it clear at Tuesday's City Council meeting that the city doesn't intend to second-guess its decisions on the public art planned at Ewell Plaza. 

City Council approved the project. Miami-based R&R Studios has been selected to design it. 

"These decisions have been made," the mayor said. 

Ewell Plaza is named for the Olympic sprinter who called Lancaster his home, Barney Ewell. 

"We have an opportunity to fully realize a vision of Ewell Plaza deserving of its name," the mayor said. 

What happens now? Here's a rough timeline: 

Dec. 2019 to March 2020

  • Lancaster Parking Authority to finalize and sign contract with R&R Studios
  • LPA, city and R&R to finalize timeline for public engagement
  • R&R to engage with project team, city and Historical Commission
  • Garage construction begins

April to Sept. 2020

  • R&R community engagement period
  • Meetings with Ewell family and other stakeholders
  • Development of 2 to 3 final designs, followed by design forums and public vote

Construction of the garage should wrap up in mid-2021. After that, the Lancaster Public Library will build out its shell space and the city will redo Ewell Plaza itself.