Ducklings 04202020

Twelve ducklings were rescued from a storm drain in West Lampeter Township Saturday, April 18, 2020. 

Over the weekend, the streets of New Holland were "rampaged" by an escaped goat and 12 ducklings were rescued from a storm drain in West Lampeter Township. 

Mark Willwerth, a sergeant at New Holland Police Department, said New Holland sees escaped animals regularly due to New Holland Sales Stables. Pigs, chickens, cows: New Holland police officers have "chased them all." 

Once an animal escapes from the stables, it "doesn't take long for someone to see a goat walking across Main Street," Willwerth said. 

While it's a common occurrence, Willwerth said it's "next to impossible" to catch a billy goat, like the one that was on the loose Sunday afternoon. 

When Willwerth responded to reports to goat spottings on Main Street, he said several people — who were all social distancing — were attempting to catch the goat. One even had a lasso, he said. 

But because of social distancing, the goat was able to escape in the six feet of space in between people, Willwerth said. The goat disappeared and wandered around for several more hours. 

Willwerth said police were eventually able to corner the goat in between two houses and a fence nearby New Holland Sales Stables. An employee was able to grab the goat by its horns and walk it back to the stables. 

And in West Lampeter Township, West Willow Street Fire Company responded to a report of ducklings that had fallen down a storm drain nearby Penn Grant Commons.

Susan Bowers and her husband, Carlos, both of Pequea Township, found the 12 trapped ducklings Saturday morning and called the fire company. 

Fire Chief Jason Topper and several other firefighters worked to remove the ducklings by removing the storm drain, chasing the ducks through groundwater pipes and also using a duck call app on a smartphone. 

Topper said that while several other fire companies around the county respond to duckling rescues, this was one of West Willow's first.

Bowers found the mother duck, or hen, nearby in a retention basin and reunited her with her ducklings. 

When she checked the retention basin Monday, Bowers said all 12 ducklings were safe with their mother. 

Bowers said she's promised the West Willow Fire crew breakfast at Willow Street Restaurant once it reopens. 

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