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An employee at Advanced Cooling Technologies was injured when a machine exploded March 9, 2018.

An male employee at a Lancaster technology company was injured after an explosion Friday, according to dispatch reports.

The employee was going through a routine process with a blast furnace machine at Advanced Cooling Technologies when the explosion happened, according to Lancaster city fire Captain Jason Greer.

Emergency personnel were called to the 1046 New Holland Ave. business, around 10:45 a.m.

A glass tube on the machine fragmented and caused "moderate to severe" lacerations to the employee, Greer said.

The explosion was contained to the machine, and there was no fire, Greer said. No one else was injured, according to dispatch reports.

The employee was reportedly conscious but had "traumatic injuries," according to dispatches.

He was transported to Lancaster General Hospital, according to Greer.

Advanced Cooling Technologies is a thermal energy company, according to its website. It is located in Burle Industrial Park.

Emergency personnel left the scene around 11:45 a.m.

"Our internal response was efficient and emergency workers worked quickly," said company spokeswoman Amanda Brunish in an email. "The injured employee was taken to the hospital, and we are now working on determining the cause."