Raymond McClenaghan

Raymond McClenaghan, 49, of East Hempfield, is charged with child pornography and criminal solicitation to commit sexual abuse of children — both felonies — extortion — a misdemeanor — and related offenses.

An East Hempfield man was recently sentenced to up to 10 years in prison for child pornography and extortion in a scheme that unraveled when a CVS worker became concerned about nude photos submitted for developing.

Raymond McClenaghan, 50, was sentenced Feb. 25 to 11/2 to 10 years after pleading guilty to a half-dozen charges, including child pornography and extortion. He must also register his whereabouts with police under Megan’s Law for 25 years, according to the Lancaster County District Attorney's office.

According to authorities, McClenaghan had asked the girl, who was 17, to send him pictures of her genitals and breasts last year. She did and he sent her pictures of his genitals. In July, McClenaghan placed an online order to have the pictures developed at CVS, 301 East Main Street, Landisville.

An employee, suspicious that the images McClenaghan wanted developed might be child pornography, contacted police. Police identified the girl, who told an officer that McClenaghan had asked for the pictures.

Later that month, police got a warrant to search for McClenaghan's cell phone and went to his house.

When an officer arrived, McClenaghan ran away and initially refused to turn over his phone, but then threw it to the ground, according to police.

Besides pornographic images, the phone contained messages in which McClenaghan threatened to post her pictures on her Facebook, police said.

In a related case, McClenaghan also pleaded guilty Feb. 25 to resisting arrest and tampering with evidence for throwing his phone down and running from police. He was sentenced to four months to two years in prison and given credit for the roughly seven months he spent in prison awaiting trial.

During the time police said McClenaghan was asking the girl for pictures, he was nearing the end of a three-year probationary sentence imposed in September 2016 after pleading guilty to making terroristic threats, harassment and trespassing. 

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