michael dick

Michael Dick

A Columbia man will serve at least 19 years in prison for burglarizing 28 Lancaster County houses — 14 of them while people were home.

Michael Dick, 29, was addicted to heroin last year when he broke into homes in Columbia and surrounding areas, and several other county locations.

"This is clearly my rock bottom," Dick said in court Tuesday. "I never would've imagined I'd be in a situation this bad."

Lancaster County President Judge Dennis Reinaker ordered that Dick, a repeat offender, serve 19 to 38 years in state prison.

Defense lawyer Cory Miller told Reinaker that Dick was a "cat burglar," never intending to physically confront anyone in the homes.

"If he (couldn't) get in, he moved onto the next place," Miller said of the spree.

Assistant District Attorney Todd E. Brown said the victims lost their sense of peace and security, many of them asleep in bed when the intruder broke in.

"At this stage, (Dick) is not a person that can be rehabilitated," Brown told the judge. "He presents a clear danger to the community."

As part of the sentence, Reinaker ordered Dick pay about $20,000 in restitution to the victims.

Dick’s criminal record includes multiple convictions for burglary, including one arrest that resulted in a state-prison sentence, according to testimony.

“For whatever reason,” Reinaker said, “the light bulb just hasn’t gone on for you.”

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— Also Tuesday in Lancaster County Court, 27-year-old Brian D. Stoudt was jailed 7.5 to 15 years for committing 10 of the burglaries with Dick.

Judge Joseph Madenspacher ordered the sentence, following a May guilty plea.

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