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Sam Hart and Crystal Gardener both from Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, perform ground penetrating scans inone of the catacombs at Bube's Brewery to determine where voids can be found to help locate tunnels that are underground and below their property on Thursday, April 8, 2021.

In an ongoing quest to learn the size and purposes of a tunnel thought to run under Bube’s Brewery and Market Street in Mount Joy, Sam Allen, the owner of the 19th-century microbrewery, dining and entertainment complex, brought staff from Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to scan beneath Bube’s subterranean catacombs and front sidewalk Thursday.

Crystal Gardener and Sam Hart of GPRS’s Harrisburg office used portable, wheeled equipment to scan beneath Bube’s to determine the size of any empty spaces there. In 2017, local historians gathered at Bube’s to discuss the possibility that the tunnel was used as part of the Underground Railroad, supporting formerly enslaved people in their movement across Lancaster County in the 1800s.

Bube’s spokesman Jeffrey Woodman said the tunnel, thought to have run under Market Street — connecting the brewery to the mansion built for malt company founder Philip Frank — also may have been used to transport illegal liquor during Prohibition.

Woodman said a report on the radar company’s findings is expected in a few weeks, which will help Allen determine his next steps in possibly excavating the space.

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