Lifeguards have performed two water rescues on children at Denver Community Pool since the beginning of July, according to Denver Borough Manager Mike Hession. 

Hession reported at Denver Borough Council’s July 8 meeting how well Denver's pool manager, Jennifer Kieffer, and her staff at handled two water rescues of young children over a span of five days.

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On July 4, a 5-year-old season pass holder was seen struggling underwater, and a lifeguard pulled the child from the water. The child was conscious, coughing up water ,and the child’s lips appeared blue. Ambulance personnel assessed the child as stable; the child was taken to the hospital, checked and released.

On July 7, a 3-year-old child ran into the pool. Once in the water, the child started swallowing water before being rescued by a lifeguard. 

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“Our guards were on top of things, and the two events turned out well. I’d like to remind parents whose children can’t swim that they need to keep an eye on them,” said Hession.

The Ephrata Rec Center manages the Denver Pool. This season’s pool membership, at 268 members, is the third highest since 2007.

Alice Hummer is a correspondent for The Ephrata Review.