Denver photo

The Denver Borough municipal building is seen.

When: Denver Borough Council meeting, Sept. 14.

What happened: Councilman Dan Rogers resigned.

Filling a vacancy: The Borough Code allows 30 days for council to appoint a person to serve out Rogers’ term expiring Jan. 1, 2022. Council invites interested residents to apply in writing. Applicants must have lived in Denver borough at least one year and be registered to vote.

What’s next: Applicants will be invited to attend the Sept. 28 council meeting to introduce themselves and answer any questions. Council will make the appointment at its Oct. 12 meeting.

Resignation: Rogers publicly gave no reason for his resignation. When asked if he’d comment after the meeting, Rogers emailed: “All I can say is that the Borough gave our neighbor at 905 Sycamore a permit to regrade his backyard, the consequence of which is that instead of stormwater flowing through his backyard to a retention pond, it now backs up into our backyard.” The neighbor, Lonnie Wilkinson, at council’s Aug. 31 meeting, related several property concerns he had about Rogers’ property.

In other business: Kathy Helter, Evergreen Street, shared concerns and photo documentation about a property at the corner of Fifth and Evergreen streets. She said there’s been a dead tree in the yard for five years, with one branch extending over the sidewalk. Helter said the neighbor has not accepted offers of help for tree-trimming or general cleanup. “We’d like some kind of action. Please help us with this situation,” Helter said.

Potential solution: Council President Blake Daub suggested that “perhaps working with our housing and code inspector Mike Gable and Mayor Rod Redcay, we could get some help to the neighbor for this situation.”