Election 2

A voter reviews the ballot while waiting in line at St. Peter's Lutheran Church at Lititz Pike and Delp Road in this file photo.

Democrats took an early lead in a race for three seats on the Manheim Township Board of Commissioners, ultimately winning two of the seats after a late-night upset handed the third to a Republican incumbent.

Sam Mecum, Tom O’Brien and Bill Ziegler, all Democrats, led the tally for most of the evening as results from Manheim Township’s 24 precincts poured in, but Republican Donna E. DiMeo had a late surge that took her past Ziegler and into the third seat.

Ian Hodge, a second Republican incumbent, came in last in the six-way race — likely due to a divisive campaign ad that irked members of both parties, as well as officials and residents of the city to the south.

Manheim Township is one of five townships in Lancaster County with contested races this year.

Democrats had a strong showing in both Manheim and Lancaster Townships. Republicans won seats in Conestoga, East Hempfield and Warwick townships, according to poll numbers released late Tuesday.

Manheim Township

The race in Manheim Township — with three Democrats and three Republicans each contending for three four-year seats — heated up after Hodge ran an ad seen by many from both parties as an attack on Lancaster city.

The flier claimed his Democrat opponents were seeking “more low-cost apartments” that would increase taxpayer costs for services, crowd schools and “change our community into Lancaster City north.”

City Mayor Rick Gray said it was an “unneighborly” remark, and the Manheim Township GOP distanced itself from Hodge in the final days of the campaign.

Mecum, the only incumbent among the Democrats, led the pack. O’Brien and Ziegler were close behind.

But in a nail-biter finish, DiMeo edged Ziegler as the last few votes were counted.

Hodge and Greg Strausser brought up the rear.

Still, a look at the township by precinct shows the Democrats held their own even in an areas traditionally dominated by the GOP. The school board race in Manheim Township saw Democrats sweep all six spots.

Key issues in the township range from managing traffic to preserving farmland and holding the line on costs and taxes.

Here are the unofficial tallies in Manheim Township, with 100 percent of the precincts reporting.

Mecum (D): 4,917

O’Brien (D): 4,640

DiMeo (R): 4,451

Ziegler (D): 4,341

Strausser (R): 4,320

Hodge (R): 3,765

Conestoga Township

Republicans snagged both open seats on the Conestoga Township board of supervisors.

Charles Timothy Byers won the contest for a six-year seat on the board, and William S. Rankin Sr. won the race for a four-year term.

They bested Democrats Scott E. Kriner and Robin Maguire.

Here are the unofficial tallies in Conestoga Township, with 100 percent of precincts reporting.

Six-year term:

Byers (R): 381

Kriner (D): 232

Four-year term:

Rankin (R): 399

Maguire (D): 212

East Hempfield Township

Republicans G. Edward LeFevre and Tom Bennett won a contest against Democrats Ron Rogers and Michael Mezzetti for two six-year seats on the board of supervisors.

Mezzetti and Bennett were both write-in candidates in the spring primary.

Here are the unofficial results, with 100 percent of the precincts reporting.

Bennett (R): 2,498

LeFevre (R): 2,342

Mezzetti (D): 1,988

Rogers (D): 1,943

Lancaster Township

The Democratic candidate for a six-year seat on the board of supervisors beat his Republican opponent in Lancaster Township.

Democrat Steve Elliott will replace incumbent Kathy Wasong, also a Democrat, who did not seek re-election.

Elliott was challenged by Republican J. Glenn Ebersole Jr.

Here are the unofficial tallies in Lancaster Township, with 100 percent of precincts reporting.

Elliott (D): 1,548

Ebersole (R): 925

Warwick Township

Republicans captured both of the six-year terms on the board of supervisors that were up for grabs this year.

Jeff McSparran and Andrew E. Spade easily passed Democrats Jack L. Enco and Marcello Medini at the polls.

Here are the unofficial results, with 100 percent of precincts reporting.

McSparran (R): 1,862

Spade (R): 1,768

Medini (D): 1,032

Enco (D): 937

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