New clock, 2016

A brand-new clock was donated to the newly renovated Penn Square in 2016 by the Charles Snyder Funeral Home. It replaced the clock that had been installed at the opposite side of the square in 1982.

Since the winter solstice on Dec. 20, 2020, the nights have been getting shorter and the days are getting longer.

So, when do we change the clocks?

Daylight saving time (often erroneously said as daylight savings time) begins Sunday, March 14, 2021.

That Sunday, the clocks will spring forward, causing areas that practice daylight saving time to lose an hour (don't worry, the hour is gained back in the fall).

When the clock strikes 2 a.m., the time will change to be 3 a.m.

Lancaster County saw only 9 hours, 19 minutes and 28 seconds of daylight on the winter solstice, according to The days have gradually gotten longer since then.

On Sunday after the clocks go forward, Lancaster County will see a total of 11 hours, 53 minutes and 26 seconds of daylight.

Arizona is the only state that refrains from practicing daylight saving due to the summertime heat.

The residents of Arizona prefer their cooler nights as a break from the harsh temperatures, according to the National Geographic.

The amount of sunlight will get progressively longer until the summer solstice, which is Sunday, June 20, 2021.

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