Mavrides assessment 1

John Mavrides in his office at 150 North Queen Street during Q&A interview regarding county reassessment.

The deadline is near for Lancaster County property owners who want to appeal their reassessments.

In a reassessment year, appeals are free if they are filed within 40 days after the assessment office’s final notifications go out.

Normally, appeals cost $25 for residential properties, $50 for farms and $100 for commercial properties.

Most notifications were mailed out June 9, giving property owners until Wednesday, July 19. Some went out June 14, giving those property until Monday, July 24.

The correct deadline is stated on the notice itself. An appeal must either be postmarked by then or delivered by hand to the assessment office by 5 p.m.

Appeal forms and other materials are available on the office’s website.

As of Friday morning, the office had received about 3,200 appeals, director John Mavrides said.

It has already held about 800 to 900 hearings, but has not yet finalized any rulings, he said.

Mavrides said his office expects a surge of appeals in the final few days. Still, he said, the pace seems to be slower than in 2004, when the previous reassessment was conducted.

More than 9,000 appeals were filed that year, according to LNP records.

The reassessment before that took place in 1996. That one was the first since 1962, and resulted in 11,912 appeals.

This time around, the office has already begun holding appeal hearings. The first took place in late June, and the office continues to schedule them as it is able, Mavrides said.

For county and local taxes, the revised assessments take effect Jan. 1, 2018. School districts will begin using them July 1, 2018, the start of their 2018-19 fiscal year.

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