Conestoga Valley High School file photo

Conestoga Valley High School (file photo)

Conestoga Valley High School will close to students for the rest of the week due to a sudden surge in COVID-19 cases, the superintendent announced in a letter to families Tuesday. 

In just over a week's time, from Oct. 24 to Tuesday, Conestoga Valley School District has reported seven positive cases, plus one probable case, among students or staff at the high school, according to Superintendent Dave Zuilkoski's letter.

Students at the high school, therefore, will shift to online learning through Friday. In-person instruction is expected to resume Monday. 

After contact tracing efforts, Zuilkoski said the district found that the outbreak originated outside of school, and those who needed to quarantine were swiftly identified and contacted. 

"Again," he said, "this shift to virtual instruction is not a result of a schedule, of someone not wearing a face covering, or of someone not maintaining social distance; this closure is the result of outside contacts in the community brought into the school." 

This is the second time Conestoga Valley High School has closed this fall because of COVID-19. The school closed for a week in mid-September. It was the first school to close this fall. At least 10 others have closed since then. 

More than 160 cases of COVID-19 have been reported at Lancaster County public schools so far this fall. Conestoga Valley has reported 23 total cases, including 15 at the high school. 

Conestoga Valley High School is one of two schools to announce a closure this week. Warwick High School students will also learn virtually until Monday. 

"Here at CV we will continue to do everything possible to keep our students, faculty, and staff as safe as possible," Zuilkoski said. "We need your help as parents, students, community members, friends, and colleagues to ensure we are doing everything in our power outside of school to stay safe so we can enjoy all that in-person school provides."

Athletics are not affected by the closure, according to a district spokesperson.

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