Stoltzfoos search

The search for the missing Amish teen, Linda Stoltzfoos, continues Sunday afternoon, two days following the arrest of her kidnapper, Justo Smoker. 

The search for missing Amish woman Linda Stoltzfoos has changed gears, with all community searches called off and will be coordinated by local authorities from now on, according to the community search hotline.

Community search crews spent all day on Sunday staging at the Blue Ball Fire Department on Industrial Highway to scope out the area in search of Stoltzfoos.

Hundreds of community members joined search crews to assist investigators in their search for Stoltzfoos since she went missing three weeks ago. In just the first two days of searches, the community and investigators put in 1,500 hours into searching for Stoltzfoos. 

Although the man police say kidnapped Stoltzfoos, Justo Smoker, was arrested Friday, Stoltzfoos has still not been found. Police said they have reason to believe she was harmed after being kidnapped.

Stoltzfoos, 18, was reported missing to East Lampeter Township police in the early hours of June 22, after she did not return home from church on June 21. She was allegedly abducted by Smoker while she was walking along Stumptown Road to her home on Beechdale Road in Bird-in-Hand.

The community search hotline also asked people to be considerate to the Stoltzfoos family and not to ask them any questions or details about the investigation.

“This is extremely stressful during this time and the family is not emotionally strong enough to handle these questions,” the hotline spokesman said in the recorded message.

The community search hotline asked people to continue praying for the Stoltzfoos family and additionally the Smoker family.