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Students head back to school as Columbia Borough School District kicks off the 2018-19 school year on Monday, August 20, 2018.

When: Columbia Borough school board meeting, Oct. 15.

What happened: Kyle Jensen was appointed as a member of the Columbia Borough school board.

Background: The board recently accepted the resignation of Cole Knighton, who abruptly resigned as a board member via letter Sept. 7. To fill the open seat, the district announced a vacancy on its website Sept. 22 and welcomed members of the community to apply for the position by Oct. 9. Keith Ramsey, chief of finance and operations, received submissions from two applicants, Michelle Grimes and Kyle Jensen.

Why it’s important: The board interviewed both candidates and appointed Jensen to a one-year term. Jensen has experience as a support analyst at Clark Associates. He is also a graduate of Thaddeus Stevens College.

What’s next: Jensen will serve until Nov. 30, 2021.

Shared services agreement: Last year, the board extended an agreement that allows Eastern Lancaster County School District to share its administrative services with Columbia Borough School District. Under a six-year extension, Columbia receives support from three members of Elanco’s full-time staff: Keith Ramsey, business manager; Donna Prokay, human resources director; and Lotsie Wooten, IT director. The district also receives its own tech support specialist, alongside various network services and equipment. These services are provided to Columbia at an annual cost of $315,000.

A potential addition: According to an addendum to the district’s agreement with Elanco, Columbia has requested business office staff to “perform accounts payable and human resource duties,” at an additional cost of $2,500 per month. These services, if approved, would expire June 30, 2021. No other changes were requested at this time.

What’s next: Elanco’s school board expects to vote on the amendment at its Nov. 23 board meeting.

Sports: In accordance with Gov. Tom Wolf’s latest spectator restrictions, the district will increase its attendance at both indoor and outdoor events to 20% capacity, which translates to roughly 400 people in the football stadium and 60 in the gymnasium.