Columbia Borough Municipal Building

The Columbia Borough Municipal Building is located at 308 Locust St., Columbia.

When: Council meeting July 13.

What did not happen: Borough Council failed to include in its agenda an expected vote to purchase the McGinness airport property.

Why: Consultants are still working on clearing the title to one of the parcels included in the 58-acre tract, Borough Manager Mark Stivers said before the meeting.

What’s next: Council members should vote July 27 on whether to purchase the property and develop 40 acres into an innovation and technology campus that would include a hiking trail through a nature preserve and a children's playground. Construction could start in 2022 if council members approve.

Body cameras: Police officers should have body cameras, and the borough should pay for them in its next budget, council President Heather Zink said.

Quotable: “I feel very strongly about this,” Zink said. The police department announced in May that it failed to receive an $80,000 grant to buy 22 body cameras, a server, software and annual maintenance. Police Chief Jack Brommer said he is still trying to find grant money to cover the project.

Pond for sale: Council members voted to subdivide and then sell 3.1 acres on the east side of the borough’s 70-acre Blue Lane property to get rid of a pond. Solicitor Evan Gabel told council the pond presents problems.

Quotable: “We want to reduce the borough’s liability,” Gabel said. “We don’t want a kid to wander in.” In addition, the pond contains mold and algae.

Albatwitch Festival: Start Halloween early by attending the eighth annual festival honoring the mythical albatwitch Oct. 9 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Columbia Crossing. Legend says the 4-foot-tall hairy creatures have a penchant for apples, stealing them from picnickers and then throwing them at unsuspecting people. The festival, sponsored by Columbia Historic Preservation Society, will include live music, food vendors, a marathon and lectures. A 6-mile trolley ride will visit Zion Hill cemetery and include a ceremonial apple throw.

Public meeting: The borough will hold a council meeting at 7 p.m. July 27, and the meeting will be streamed on the borough’s Facebook page.

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