Magisterial district judge candidate John Kenneff is blasting an opponent whose campaign spread wrong information about his party affiliation.

Sharon Watson's campaign sent out letters and distributed door hangers stating Kenneff "is a registered Republican." Kenneff is a Democrat.

In a post on his campaign's Facebook page, Kenneff said Watson was playing "political dirty tricks" at the last minute in the Democratic primary race for the judgeship in northeast Lancaster city. The election is Tuesday.

He told LNP he considers the letter and door hanger "unbecoming" of a judicial candidate.

Kenneff switched his party affiliation in August 2017. Previously, he had been a Republican, following his family's tradition. He said Donald Trump's election was a watershed — he came to realize that his values and the GOP's contemporary direction no longer aligned.

The third candidate in the race is Andrew LeFever. Watson's materials state accurately that LeFever, a Democrat, was previously a Republican. 

In a statement to LNP, Watson said: "The campaign made an error. I take responsibility for it."

The campaign removed as many door hangers as possible, she said. She apologized to Kenneff directly and on social media.

Kenneff called Watson's response insufficient. In her post, "there's no actual retraction," he said.

Rather, the statement offers a general apology "to anyone feeling misrepresented by any message distributed." 

It says the campaign will refrain from negative messaging and asks the other campaigns to do the same. 

Kenneff called on Watson to send a clear retraction of the misinformation to everyone who received a letter or door hanger.

LeFever switched affiliations in 2018. He said, he, too, examined the disparity between his beliefs and "what the Republican Party stood for" when he did so.

A former city Democratic Committee member, he canvassed for Jess King's Congressional campaign. He received the party's endorsement in February.

"I’m proud to have the full support of the Lancaster city Democrats," he said.

LeFever and Kenneff are cross-filed on both tickets. Watson is only on the Democratic ballot.

Kenneff's and Watson's Facebook posts: