Lost dog- Rocky

Rocky went missing from Poplar Lane in Elizabethtown on June 9. 

LancasterOnline and Gochenauer Kennels are helping pet owners locate missing pets or pet owners.

If you have lost or found a pet, fill out the form below. Include as much information as possible and it will be posted in this gallery, on LancasterOnline's Facebook page, and the LNP Lost and Found Pets Facebook group.

Please check back regularly as we will be updating the page as we receive lost/found pets. The posts will be listed below with all of the information provided to us and will be labeled "lost" or "found."

Being sure your dog is licensed or microchipped can also help in finding him/her.

NOTE: Listings will be kept on this page for two months. Please email cesbenshade@lnpnews.com to delete the listing if the pet has been found or reunited. 

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