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A Centre County man who pleaded guilty to leaving the body of a Philadelphia-area woman along the side of a road was sentenced to probation Tuesday, the Centre Daily Times reported.

Robert Moir, 60, pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor charge of abuse of a corpse in August. The charge was related to the discovery of 35-year-old Corinne Pena’s body along Plainfield Road in Ferguson Township Feb. 13.

Police said Pena had a child, and her Facebook page indicated she was married to a Lancaster woman, according to

Ferguson Township police said Pena died of a drug overdose.

The Center Daily Times previously reported that according to a court affidavit, Moir told police he found Pena’s body after forcing his way into a bathroom in his Patton Township home on Feb. 13. He told police he found a needle and spoon near Pena’s body, according to the media outlet.

After loading Pena’s body into his Mercedes, Moir said he drove to Plainfield Road, telling police that he wanted Pena to be found and figured that because of the cold temperatures, her body would not decompose.

Moir told police he met Pena in the Philadelphia area and brought her to Centre County, according to the Center Daily Times. He then told police he dropped her off near a Barnes and Noble and later picked her up near the Wal-Mart on North Atherton Place in State College. 

Moir declined to speak in court Tuesday. He was sentenced to two years’ probation and one day of community service, the Centre Daily Times reported.

President Judge Thomas King Kistler presided over the sentencing.