William Vollmar

William Vollmar

The case of a Lancaster County doctor charged with sexually assaulting seven males was delayed for another three months during a status conference on Thursday.

Court of Common Pleas Judge Dennis Reinaker continued the case against Dr. William Vollmar until April 16.

The first charge against Vollmar was filed in April by Pennsylvania State Police. The attorney general’s office took over the investigation and filed charges in five other cases in May. The prosecutor’s office filed additional charges in October.

A continuance will allow both sides additional time to evaluate evidence and determine if there will be a plea deal or if they still need more time to prepare for a trial.

Reinaker announced from the bench that he has been in communication with both the Attorney General’s office and Vollmar’s defense team and that the addition of a seventh alleged victim in October, paired with the “voluminous medical records to be reviewed” required the three month continuance.

Neither Vollmar’s defense attorney, Michael Winters, or the Pennsylvania Assistant Chief Deputy Attorney General Daniel J. Dye, who is assigned to the case, were at the status conference.

Winters filed a procedural motion in November, asking the court to order Diamantoni & Associates Family Practice and Conestoga Valley High School to produce the medical treatment records for each of the seven males during the time of the alleged assaults, which span 22 years.

According to the defense motion, the records would establish if Vollmar treated the alleged victims, the dates and the reasons for the treatment, whether the assaults were reported and if the alleged victims ever made an appointment with Vollmar after the alleged sexual assaults took place.

In December, Reinaker ordered Conestoga Valley and Diamantoni & Associates to produce patient records for individuals identified by the prosecutor as alleged victims.

On Monday, Reinaker issued another order, finding that the medical records had been turned over to defense counsel, but limiting access to only the involved parties.