Carol Stoudt

Carol Stoudt started Stoudt Brewing Co. 30 years ago in Adamstown.

UPDATE: Stoudts had been looking for a buyer. Click here to read more. 

The first female brewer since Prohibition has announced her retirement.

Carol Stoudt, who kickstarted this region's craft beer boom with Stoudts Brewing Company in the late '80s, has announced via press release that she will retire and take the brewing company with her.

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“This was a difficult decision to make,” says Carol in the press release, “but we’re not moving enough volume to justify the expense of keeping the brewery open. However, we’re not closing the doors to any business opportunities that could help the Stoudts brand live on.”

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Stoudts Brewing Company opened its doors in 1987, joining Carol's husband Ed's Stoudt's Black Angus restaurant. At the time, craft brewing was a niche, at best. In the three decades since, craft beer has exploded on both local and national levels.

Brewery operations will cease in spring to prepare the brewery for sale. However, the restaurant and other adjoining businesses will continue.

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