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Trucks roll along during the 25th annual Make-A-Wish Truck Convoy on May 12, 2014, near the Landis Valley Road overpass of Route 222.

It will take 417 trucks to break the record.

They’re shooting for 500.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation annually draws attention to its work with it’s Mother’s Day convoy in the Lancaster area.

In 2003, the event earned a Guinness World Record title for “the world’s longest truck convoy” by putting 391 big rigs on the highway for the 26-mile loop.

However, less than two years later, a trucking company in the Netherlands broke the record with 416 trucks in a single convoy.

Now, the Make-a-Wish Foundation wants that title back.

“We need 417 to break the record,” says Karen Traten, director of partnerships and communications for Make-A-Wish in Philadelphia, Northern Delaware and the Susquehanna Valley.

“We’re targeting 500 trucks,” she adds. “That’s the goal.”

The convoy begins and ends at Burle Business Park, 1054 New Holland Ave. The route usually takes around two hours to complete.

So far, Traten says, about 160 drivers have signed up to participate.

“I believe the highest we’ve ever had come out was around 400,” she says. “We are really close to that number.”

Last year, the event featured about 360 trucks and raised about $350,000 for the cause, according to newspaper records.

Although a representative from the Guinness program will not be on hand to verify the total on May 8, Traten says there is a lengthy process to follow so the organization can log the numbers.

“There are official procedures to follow if you want to break a record,” she says. “This is going to be a formal attempt.”

For more information about participating in the Mother's Day convoy, visit or call 283-4880.