Hadassah Edith

The cover of Hadassah Edith's newest single, "Rushes." Photo by Michelle Johnsen Photography.

The creative mind never rests, and it seems that quarantining for a month doesn't stop it, either.

Below is a list of music released by Lancaster artists since COVID-19 first became a harsh reality in March. Some of these songs and albums were recorded months ago, in a much different time, while others were assembled within this timespan, perhaps aided by the time spent quarantining.

Check out the music, as well as a list of Lancaster musicians playing live online, below.

Atomic Lovecraft

Release: "Atomic Lovecraft"

There are some albums that can tell you just from the cover art exactly the type of music contained within. This self-titled EP from Atomic Lovecraft combines an old-school metal sensibility with perfectly immersive production quality.

Key track(s): "Lord of Sleep," "Slithering Branches"

August Burns Red

Release: "Guardians"

Lancaster's prodigal metalcore sons returned earlier this month with their ninth album, "Guardians." By all accounts, the album is the band's heaviest yet, marked by lightning-quick riffs and commanding drum fills.

Key track(s): "Bloodletter," "Bones"

Big B

Former member of Spill and Placeholder Brandon Gepfer made his debut as Big B this month, releasing a trio of mostly acoustic songs.

Key track(s): "All the Time"

Budget Wax

Release: "Holy Hell"

Perennial beat maker - and Tellus360 sound guy - Brett Keller returns with another Budget Wax album filled with head bopping drum machines and sweet, vinyl crate plundered samples.

Key track(s): "Have Mercy on Me," "Lazy Daze"

Conway West

Artist and beatmaker Bruce Banter is back with more tracks under a different pun-laden nom de plume. As evidenced by the handle, the three tracks by Conway West combine hip-hop essentials with a country, almost Spaghetti Western sheen. Think androids reaching for their pistols at high noon.

Key track(s): "The Hateful 808"

Dean Thomas

Release: "Aura"

Slowly but surely, electronic musician Dean Thomas has been dropping singles off of his upcoming "No Return" EP. Following the excellent "I Live With" and "Everything You Got" is "Aura," which finds Thomas's falsetto blanketed by keyboard textures and echo-laden electric guitar.

Dr. Baxter (with Budget Wax and Rob Nye)

Release: "Cat and Mouse"

Sleepy Limbs front man and Kaleidoscope studio part-owner Ben Roth steps out with an album-length beat tape featuring Nielsen Family Band bassist Rob Nye and fellow beatmaker Budget Wax

George Wallace

Release: "Light Music"

Philadelphia-born composer George Wallace now lives in Lancaster, and the music community is all the better for having his ambient, celestial tunes. "Light Music" is for those looking to explore the galaxy from the comfort of their own homes.

Key track(s): "Interstellar Hoedown," "Imagining Cathedrals"

Hadassah Edith

Release: "Rushes"

Released the day after her birthday, "Rushes" is the second single that Hadassah Edith has released in the last two weeks, and possibly her best yet. Bringing together a crew of Lancaster music all-stars, including Andy Mowatt, Liz Fulmer and Tuck Ryan, the song combines Edith's powerful voice with an old-school R&B sensibility updated perfectly for 2020.

Here Inside

Release: "Ordinary Days"

Atmospheric duo Here Inside, comprised of Jason Mundok and Anne Kirby, are set to return with its first collection of new music since 2017's "CoalescE." They return in style with apt "Ordinary Days," a lush combination of processed guitars and programmed drums.

Medusa's Disco

Release: "Medusa & Mojo Split EP"

Still fresh off a win at the inaugural Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame for "Best Album" of 2019, Medusa's Disco returns for a split-EP with fellow psychedelic rockers Mojo Bozo's Electric Circus of Annapolis, Maryland.

Key track(s): "Freak Out"

Nielsen Family Band

Release: "Tina at the ABC (2020 Remix)

After releasing the emotionally-powerful "Family Bible" in August of last year, Nielsen Family Band - formerly Ton Taun, albeit in a slightly different lineup - has been hard at work on a follow up and playing mostly new tracks live. Nielsen bassist and modular synth enthusiast Rob Nye debuted a dreamy remix this week of one of the album's centerpieces, "Tina at the ABC."


Release: Steady Hand"

The second new single from Serencia, following "Aching" last month, is an acoustically-driven ode to working on a relationship. Those that miss a certain '90s feeling to their singer/songwriters, this one is for you.

Tractor Jerry & the Mud Bucket

Release: "Red Man"

The alt-country band returns with its third album, "Red Man," named for the chewing tobacco. The lyrics, courtesy of Gerald Anthony - "Tractor Jerry," himself - are a high point.

Key track(s): "Blood Orange," "Habit"