Update: Videos show Park City shooting aftermath, intervening bystander; employees, customers describe the scene

A bystander armed with a gun intervened in a shooting in Park City Center on Sunday afternoon, shooting one of the participants, Lancaster police said.

The unidentified bystander, who legally possessed the firearm, had heard gunshots related to a fight between two males that knew each other, police said. The bystander remained on scene until security and police arrived.

Police said the initial shooting stemmed from an altercation between two males who knew each other and at least one of them — a 16-year-old boy — had a gun.

They, and other people then struggled for the gun and the 16 year old fired at least two shots, striking at least one of the people involved.

The bystander, who had been in a store nearby, heard the shots, came over and “then engaged the subjects fighting over the gun and fired shots, striking one of the suspects.”

Police said the 16 year old was the initial shooter and will be charged.

He was taken to a hospital for treatment. Two males involved in the initial altercation were also shot, but their injuries are not life threatening, police said. A fourth person, a female passing by with her family, was shot in the arm, police said; her injury also is not life-threatening.

Police did not release further details and declined to answer questions. It was not clear if the bystander shot the 16 year old, or another suspect.

All told, six shots were fired, police said, but it was not clear who fired how many times. Two guns were recovered.

The Lancaster County District Attorney's office is investigating the bystander's actions, police said. The bystander was released after an interview with police.

Though the bystander had a legal gun, Park City prohibits weapons.

This is a breaking news post and will be updated.

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