To our readers:

Starting Thursday morning, your newspaper has a new name, a new look, a sharper focus, easier-to-use sections and pages, and a new company name to reflect our full integration as a complete, multi-platform media company.

With the LNP name and "Always Lancaster" tagline your new newspaper embraces who we are and who we serve – Lancaster County. Our company is now LNP Media Group, which includes LancasterOnline, the home of our quickly expanding digital offerings and a forum for community engagement. 

These changes reflect our deep and ongoing commitment to meeting the print and digital needs of our growing audience, our valued advertisers and customers, as well as the county we have served since George Washington was president.

The changes you will see Thursday and those you will see in the coming weeks and months are aimed at making sure we meet the rapidly changing needs of our community, not only now but long into the future. This is all in keeping with our long history and its tradition of being ahead of the times, innovating, and being bold. Those qualities are what increasingly define us today.

We're a locally owned organization. Lancaster has been our home for 220 years. The Steinman family, which began its stewardship soon after the Civil War, is deeply committed to Lancaster County. Producing a robust daily newspaper, as part of what is now a progressive multi-platform content and sales organization, is a major piece of that commitment. So is the family foundation, singularly focused on improving the quality of life for our Lancaster County friends and neighbors. It is now one of the largest private foundations in the area and certainly the largest in Lancaster.

With the daily paper and around the clock on our digital platforms, we inform. We entertain. We provide content that speaks to you in a meaningful way. We are a trusted marketing partner for Lancaster County.  We help local businesses grow. We work hard to be better for you — every day.

The only way to ensure a bright and lasting future is to create it. Lancaster is built on generations of ingenuity, independence and hard work. We are proud to be a part and a product of this region. We are proud to serve as a voice, a forum, a marketplace and a reflection for this vibrant, diverse community. We look forward to growing together for another 220 years. 


John A. Kirkpatrick III



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Here are some questions and answers about the newly redesigned newspaper.

Why did you change the name of my paper?

When the evening and morning paper were consolidated in 2009 the names of the three newspapers — Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster New Era, and Sunday News — were retained. As a result, members of the community simplified our name by calling us Lancaster Newspapers so we decided to take their lead.

Why LNP? 

We also knew we needed a unique and contemporary nameplate. We talked with the community. We spent 15 months asking questions and conducting research with people in the community. LNP resonated fully with residents in all age groups. We also knew we needed a unique and contemporary nameplate. We chose “Always Lancaster” as a tagline based on our deep and historic connection to Lancaster County and the people who live here.

And how was the tagline "Always Lancaster" chosen?

"Always Lancaster" has a number of dimensions. It refers to our deep, historic connection to Lancaster County and the people who live here. It is clear about our purpose: providing content that resonates with the people who live here and supporting local businesses. It also represents our ongoing and long-term commitment to this region. 

What does the green part of the N represent?

It turns out it means different things to different people. Some folks see a blade of grass. Others see the green-covered fields around the county. Still others think of it as corn stalks or as the farmland of Lancaster. But regardless of what individuals associate with the green swoosh, they almost all feel it represents our county.

Will Sunday’s paper look like the other days of the week?

The name of the paper will be LNP and its pages will showcase the daily paper’s design elements so there is a unified look seven days a week.

Has the newspaper had other names over the years?

Yes. In fact since our first newspaper was published in 1794 (George Washington was president), we have had more than two dozen names and various formats.

Why so many name changes?

The community is a living, breathing, dynamic thing. As this area grows and changes over times, LNP needs to stay ahead, relevant and accurately reflect the people, the culture, the current dialogue. So our name has changed over the years but our focus on this community has not. 

Is LancasterOnline still part of your organization?

Yes. It is a critical and rapidly growing part of LNP Media Group. We understand reader habits are changing and our audience is getting news and information in a variety of ways, many of which didn’t exist the last time this newspaper was redesigned.

LancasterOnline has likewise evolved from a static news website into a place where readers can weigh in on important topics, engage with reporters and talk to experts in real-time while getting updates on important stories around the clock. It has grown from being just a site on the World Wide Web into a source of reliable information on your smartphone’s complement of social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google+. Every month, millions of users engage with LancasterOnline on their phones and tablets through those social media platforms. You will see LancasterOnline continue to evolve over the coming months.

Is the LancasterOnline name changing as part of all this?

No. It is a strong and recognized name. It also has Lancaster in it, which is important.

I see the paper is organized differently. Where did the front of the local section go?

Our research established that given our intense focus on news and information related to Lancaster County, a special section Monday through Saturday was not necessary. Local news will be a dominant part of everything we do. We will still have national and world news and information, but our content will be focused on helping our readers understand how those stories affect us as a community and as a nation.

Where are the comics?

You will find all your favorite comics in the back of the B section throughout the week. You no longer have to search through the entire paper to find them. The same goes for the television page, which is right in front of the comic pages.

Where are the obituaries?

They are in the B section throughout the week.

Did you change the text typeface throughout the refreshed paper?

 Yes. Our readers have told us they want a type that is easier to read. The new typeface is actually larger with a little more space between each line of type. We have experimented with the new typeface on a variety of stories over the last couple of months and have received great feedback. The new type not only enhances the look of the paper but increases its readability.

Why are you making all these investments in the newspaper when more people are looking at websites today?

The daily newspaper plays an important role in the lives of many people throughout Lancaster County, even though we are aggressively working to anticipate the needs of our rapidly growing digital audience and advertisers. In fact, we have never had a larger audience in our history, thanks to the combination of our print and digital offerings.

Will you still publish a print paper 7 days a week?

Yes. We have no plans to reduce the number of days we produce the newspaper.

What is the LNP Media Group?

In addition to LNP and LancasterOnline, we publish five other newspapers in the county, each of which has a distinct voice and significant digital channels. There is also Lancaster-based Steinman Marketing Solutions, which links the capacity of our organizations with best-of-class marketing and content solutions for small and mid-market companies in the region; Intelligencer, which is a Lancaster-based world class commercial printing and fulfillment company; and Delmarva Broadcasting company, which has 12 radio stations that serve all of Delaware, parts of Maryland and parts of southeastern Pennsylvania. These organizations help fund the Steinman Foundation, which is aimed at improving the quality of life in Lancaster County. It is one of the largest private foundations in the region and the largest in the county. This is our home.

Is the new LNP Media Group locally owned or is it part of an out-of-town company?

We are locally owned and have been throughout our long history.  The Steinman family has been involved since soon after the Civil War. This is our home.

I have some other questions about the newspaper. When and where can I ask them?

Executive Editor Barb Roda and LNP President John Kirkpatrick will be taking your questions on LancasterOnline at 10 a.m. Thursday and then again Monday at 10 a.m. We encourage you to join the conversation. You may also email us at or call our customer service department at (717) 291-8611 Monday through Saturday from 5 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Sunday from 5 a.m. until 3 p.m.

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