paul castline jr.

Paul Castline Jr.

A Lancaster County constable who has appeared on the TV show "Amish Mafia," is being sued by a York County woman who alleges that he violated her civil rights in 2012, according to the York Daily Record.

Kay Shaffer filed the suit against Paul Castline Jr. in U.S. Middle District Court.

The complaint involves a Sept. 6 incident during which Castline came to Shaffer's Dallastown home looking for her boyfriend, Anthony Landi, the Daily Record stated.

In the suit, Shaffer said Castline told her he had a warrant for Landi, but refused to show the paperwork to Shaffer despite her repeated requests, according to the paper.

Shaffer said Castline then forced his way into her home and arrested her. She said he handcuffed her, made her sit on the couch and questioned her about Landi's whereabouts.

Landi was in custody by the next day.

According to the Daily Record, Shaffer was charged with obstruction of the administration of law. The charge was dismissed two months later at a preliminary hearing.

Shaffer also alleges in the complaint that Castline and his partner, who is not identified in the suit: illegally searched her home, damaged and destroyed property and took items for their own use without recording the seizure, according to the Daily Record.

She also alleges that they refused to adjust her handcuffs despite her pleas they were too tight and illegally searched her purse and cellphone.

According to the Record, Shaffer also maintains that Castline and his partner discovered she was pregnant — a private fact she had not yet shared — and upon her release the next day, Castline shared that fact with her co-workers and employer.

She also alleges that Castline made disparaging comments about her in the community.

According to the Daily Record, Shaffer is seeking unspecified compensation, general and punitive damages and attorney fees.

Castline, of East Donegal Township, joined the Discovery Channel's "Amish Mafia" series in the third season which premiered in February. On the show, he portrays a "Lancaster County law enforcement official."

Castline could not be reached for comment Tuesday night.