Four months after a vicious beating on Halloween, the lead female character of “Amish Mafia” is apparently back with her boyfriend.

And police have already been called to the couple’s Lancaster Township apartment twice for domestic disturbances.

Esther Schmucker, known simply as “Esther” on the hit Discovery Channel series, sustained multiple facial fractures in the Halloween beating.

Imir Williams, a 24-year-old aspiring hip-hop artist, was convicted of repeatedly punching Schmucker inside her Strasburg home. He served two months in prison before being released Dec. 27.

Schmucker, 27, and Williams are now living together on Wyncroft Lane, where police say officers have recently responded, twice, to neighbors’ 911 calls.

“I’m disappointed,” Steven Breit, Schmucker’s attorney said on Thursday, “but it doesn’t surprise me.”

Manheim Township police were dispatched to an apartment on Wyncroft Lane on Jan. 31 and Feb. 21, both times responding to neighbors’ reports of yelling, arguing and other loud noise.

Manheim Township police Lt. Robert Baldwin said, both times, Schmucker and Williams were uncooperative, so no charges were filed.

Both listed the Wyncroft Lane apartment as their address, Baldwin said.

Following the Halloween beating and court proceedings, Schmucker said she wouldn’t reconcile with Williams. In fact, she publicly questioned why police and the district attorney didn’t charge Williams more harshly.

District Attorney Craig Stedman said Thursday he wasn’t surprised to hear the couple is now living together.

“She had an opportunity to help us in the fight against domestic violence,” Stedman said. “If, in fact, she failed to cooperate with the police, it certainly does not send a helpful message.”

The Halloween incident wasn’t the first occasion of abuse in the relationship.

Schmucker filed multiple protection-from-abuse orders against Williams during the year, but failed to show up in court for hearings.

Regarding the Halloween incident, Williams pleaded guilty to simple assault and is on probation. He served about two months in prison.

Susan Ellison, a prosecutor in Stedman’s domestic-abuse unit, said Schmucker sustained a fractured nose, fractured cheekbone and broken dentures in the beating.

“She is not the first woman to reconcile with an abuser, and she won't be the last,” Ellison said. “Hopefully, Ms. Smucker's decision to reconcile with the offender is a safe one for her.”

Breit said Schmucker’s role on the show will be unaffected by her personal life.

“With respect to the character she portrays in the show, it won’t affect past or future endeavors,” he said.

Brett Hambright is a Lancaster Newspapers staff writer who covers crime and the Lancaster County court system. He can be reached at or (717) 481-6026. You can also follow @BrettHambright on Twitter.