We Recover LCRA video screenshot

This is a screenshot from "We Recover," a 3-minute video starring local people in recovery that Lancaster County Recovery Alliance released in November 2019. 

Recovery from substance abuse disorder is real and possible, and supporting those going through it has positive results.

That's the message of a new public service announcement from Lancaster County Recovery Alliance.

Underscoring that message, it features people who live locally and are in recovery: Jodi Holland, Ron Sexton, Maggie Hunt, April Hartman, James Ivery and Ivan Reyes Ayala.

The three-minute video shows them living full lives, spending time with friends and family, smiling.

“When we have access to resources and support that help maintain five years of recovery, 85% of us go on to sustain recovery for our entire lives,” the video says. “All of us got here with the support of those around us.”

“So much of what we see regards the doom and devastation attached to addiction. It can be defeating for those struggling with addiction and their families,” Lancaster County district attorney office spokesman Brett Hambright said in an email.

“We saw this PSA project and media campaign as illustrations of how recovery is a reality in Lancaster County.”

Scott Theurer, chairman for the alliance, said Lancaster's recovering community is vibrant, diverse and strong “and should be supported as an important public health resource.”

“Our ultimate goal is to increase the conversation about substance use disorder as being a public health issue that needs to be approached from a cultural, social, physiological and spiritual angle from a very young age,” he said.

“It’s a much broader conversation than we have been having, and many people lack the understanding of the illness and the recovery from the illness.”

Producing the PSA cost a little over $8,000, which was covered by a mini-grant Compass Mark awarded the alliance from funds Lancaster County Drug and Alcohol Commission supplied.

Theurer said it has been widely shared on social media and seen by thousands.