Meteor shower

Meteor shower.

Keep your eyes to the skies in January as the new year kicks off with a meteor shower.

The Quarantids Meteor Shower peaked from Jan. 2 to 3.

It's considered an "above-average" shower that could produce up to 40 meteors an hour during its peak, according to 

The moon will be in its waning gibbous phase — the full cold moon was just Dec. 29, so the moon is still mostly full — so it may be too bright to see many of the meteors in the Quarantids shower, according to 

Check your local forecast closer to the date to see cloud coverage predictions.

Next, Jan. 24 will be a great time to see Mercury in the night sky, as it will be at its highest point in the horizon, according to

The month will close out with the full wolf moon, which Native Americans called that because it's when hungry wolves would howl, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac. 

The full wolf moon will be at its brightest on Jan. 28.

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