17848 DOH Testing Lab

Pennsylvania Commonwealth microbiologist Kerry Pollard performs a manual extraction of the coronavirus inside the extraction lab at the Pennsylvania Department of Health Bureau of Laboratories on Friday, March 6, 2020.

Seven COVID-19 deaths were recorded here in the past week, raising the total since March to 420, according to the Lancaster County Coroner’s Office report released Thursday.

Five of those who died were residents of senior care facilities, and two were not.

Four victims were residents of Oak Leaf Manor North, a personal-care home in East Hempfield Township where its first COVID-19 death was reported in late August. The new deaths bring its total to 10, which represents 7.4% of its 135 personal care beds.

One death was a skilled nursing resident of Mennonite Home Communities, a continuing care retirement community in Manheim Township whose most recent coronavirus death had been reported in early July.

The new death brings Mennonite’s total to 20, of which two were independent living residents. Mennonite said it has about 650 independent living residents in 510 apartments and villas. The remaining 18 deaths represent 5.7% of its 188 nursing and 125 personal care beds.

The other two deaths in the past week were among the 72 deaths not associated with nursing or personal care homes or retirement communities. To date, such deaths account for just 17% of the pandemic’s toll here.

The seven deaths the coroner’s office recorded in the past week represent a small decrease from nine the previous week. The office had recorded two deaths in each of the previous two weeks, and 10 and eight, respectively, in the two weeks before that.

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