A large crowd was on hand at the 30th annual Bridge Bust event on the Columbia Wrightsville Bridge, Saturday October 6, 2018.

The 32nd annual Bridge Bust is officially canceled.

For decades, the long-running event has closed down the Veterans Memorial Bridge, the bridge on Route 462 connecting Wrightsville and Columbia. Vendors and food stands would line the entire bridge in an event that drew thousands every year.

PennDOT said the event could no longer be on the bridge, Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce President Jeanne Cooper told ABC27 Tuesday. The event was slated to be this Saturday, Oct. 2.

The Chamber of Commerce represented river towns Columbia, Marietta and Wrightsville, and organized the Bridge Bust. In an effort to keep the event going, the Chamber tried to reschedule the event in Marietta, along Front Street, according to ABC27.

The Chamber ran out of money, though, which led to the dissolution of the organization. Cooper told ABC27 that there would not be a Bridge Bust this year.

Columbia Borough Police also confirmed on CrimeWatch that there would not be a Bridge Bust this year, and that they received many calls about the event.

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