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This illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reveals the structure of the novel coronavirus. The illness caused by this virus is COVID-19.

Two more Lancaster County municipalities have recently recorded their first coronavirus deaths, bringing to 38 the number of local communities that have lost lives to the ongoing pandemic.

Caernarvon Township, in the county’s northeast, reported its first death at the end of August. Drumore Township, in the southern part of the county, west of Quarryville, reported its first death this week.

Only 22 of the county’s 60 municipalities have so far escaped the ongoing wave of COVID-19 deaths, which began in the spring.

All told, 419 people have died here since March 26. Of those victims, 71% percent have been over age 80, and about 83% have been residents of nursing homes or other senior care facilities. The Caernarvon Township death was a resident of Zerbe Retirement Community, Dr. Stephen Diamantoni, the county’s coroner, reported last week.

The pace of COVID-19 deaths has slowed each month since it peaked at 183 here in April, but the loss of life has continued. There have been 35 deaths in Lancaster County since Aug. 1, or just under one per day on average.

Spring outbreaks at multiple nursing homes drove much of the loss of life, and those outbreaks have been fewer and farther between in recent months. More recent outbreaks at senior care facilities have included Fairmount, in West Earl Township south of Ephrata, and at Oak Leaf Manor North, in East Hempfield Township in the suburbs west of Lancaster.

Here are the 12 municipalities that have had COVID-19 deaths since Aug. 1. The first number is deaths since Aug. 1. The second number is total deaths since March.

West Earl Twp.: 10 since Aug. 1 (11 total)

East Hempfield Twp.: 9 (26 total)

West Lampeter Twp.: 4 (16 total)

Lancaster Twp.: 3 (134 total)

Manheim Twp.: 1 (57 total)

Lancaster city: 2 (25 total)

New Holland: 1 (5 total)

Paradise Twp.: 1 (4 total)

Mountville: 1 (2 total)

West Cocalico Twp.: 1 (2 total)

Caernarvon Twp.: 1 (1 total)

Drumore Twp.: 1 (1 total)

Here is the latest list of all the local municipalities that have had COVID-19 deaths since March, ranking by total number of deaths. Six deaths are not on this list because the victims were not residents of Lancaster County.

Lancaster Twp.: 134

Manheim Twp: 57

Lititz Borough: 30

Lancaster city: 25

East Hempfield Twp.: 26

Ephrata Borough: 18

West Lampeter Twp: 16

Christiana Borough: 14

Rapho Twp: 13

West Earl Twp.: 11

West Donegal Twp.: 7

Ephrata Twp.: 6

New Holland Borough: 5

Penn Twp.: 5

East Cocalico Twp.: 4

Paradise Twp.: 4

Salisbury Twp.: 4

Warwick Twp.: 4

Columbia Borough: 3

East Earl Twp.: 3

Leacock Twp.: 2

Manor Twp.: 2

Mountville Borough: 2

Providence Twp.: 2

Sadsbury Twp.: 2

West Cocalico Twp.: 2

Bart Twp.: 1

Brecknock Twp.: 1

Caernarvon Twp.: 1

Clay Twp.: 1

Colerain Twp.: 1

Drumore Twp.: 1

East Lampeter Twp.: 1

Elizabethtown Borough: 1

Elizabeth Twp.: 1

Fulton Twp.: 1

Strasburg Twp.: 1

Upper Leacock Twp.: 1

Here are the 22 Lancaster County municipalities that have had no COVID-19 deaths:

Adamstown Borough

Akron Borough

Conestoga Twp.

Conoy Twp.

Denver Borough

Earl Twp.

East Donegal Twp.

East Drumore Twp.

East Petersburg Borough

Eden Twp.

Little Britain Twp.

Manheim Borough

Marietta Borough

Martic Twp.

Millersville Borough

Mount Joy Borough

Mount Joy Twp.

Pequea Twp.

Quarryville Borough

Strasburg Borough

Terre Hill Borough

West Hempfield Twp.

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