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Pennsylvania Department of Health posted this image on social media July 8, 2020, with the message: "Protect yourself, your family, your friends and people in your community from #COVID19 with these simple actions:

* wear a mask when you leave home

* stay at least 6 feet away from those not living in your household

* wash your hands frequently

#MaskUpPA #covidstopswithme"

Although the uptick in COVID-19 cases on Saturday wasn't as drastic as the past two days, Lancaster County still gained 206 new cases.

On Thursday, the county saw its highest one-day report of COVID-19 cases with 368 new cases, followed by its second highest one-day increase on Friday with 343.

Lancaster County's total COVID-19 cases is now at 13,770, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health. 

The county now has 506 COVID-19 related deaths as well, according to the Pa. Department of Health. An increase of four from Friday's total. 

According to the Lancaster County coroner's dashboard, the number of deaths in the county is currently at 474, the same amount as Friday's count. 

The state's total death count is now at 9,801.

So far, 2,668,676 people have tested negative for COVID-19 in Pennsylvania.

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